By leaving a gift to The Bar Convent in your Will, your legacy will help to ensure ours.

With no regular funding from central or local government, The Bar Convent relies on generating our own income to preserve this unique part of York’s history and continue its good work.

A gift in your Will is a wonderful way to support the work of The Bar Convent. All legacies, however large or small, make a vital contribution.

If you would like to discuss a legacy to The Bar Convent in complete confidence, please contact our Chief Operating Officer in the first instance.

Gifts in Memory
A gift in memory can be a very special way to commemorate the life of a friend or loved one and provide a lasting legacy. In memory gifts can be arranged through funeral directors or direct to The Bar Convent. All donations are gratefully received and acknowledged.

Legacy Gifts and Inheritance Tax
Where gifts to charity are more than ten percent of the taxable estate, legislation now reduces the rate of inheritance tax on the rest of the estate. This means that leaving a gift to charity can be beneficial to your overall finances.

Types of Legacy
There are three main types of legacies.
A Residuary Legacy: (a percentage of your estate)
A gift made of the remainder of your estate after all other gifts have been handed out
and debts paid off. This could be any fraction of an estate (e.g., a half or a third).

A Pecuniary Legacy: (a fixed sum of money)

A gift made of a fixed sum of money. Unfortunately, the value of a pecuniary gift will decrease over time as the cost of living increases.

A Specific Legacy: (an item such as a painting)
A particular named item left as a gift in your Will - for example, a painting, sculpture or books. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any gift with you in confidence.

Please contact us by email for further details.

Legal Advice
A Will is very personal, and we advise you to seek professional advice both when drafting a
new Will or updating an existing one. This ensures that you receive confidential guidance and your Will is tailored to your particular circumstances.

If you have an existing Will, you may want to ask your solicitor to add a Codicil to include a legacy to The Bar Convent. This document lets you make minor changes without the need for drafting a new Will.

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All donations are gratefully received
The Bar Convent relies on generating our own income
Commemorate the life of a loved one
Become a part of our history