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The Bar Convent currently welcomes around 48,000 visitors each year for a variety of
reasons: around 75% visit for the café and conferences; others for worship and spiritual
reasons; community visits; and a small number of schools and education visits.

These visitors are local, national and international. They express an appreciation of the uniqueness of the Convent, the values it stands for, and the presence of an active religious community.

York Res Day with Colin

However, physical access to key areas of the building is not possible or is problematic for those with limited mobility, and toilet facilities for all visitors are inadequate. Many visitors to York are unaware of The Bar Convent's existence.

Many visitors to the Bar Convent are unaware of its history and significance and the community's work today. Although a small number visit the current Museum, the displays are extremely dated and do not do justice to the quality and significance of the artefacts displayed, nor the importance of the history and stories told. There is huge potential for building audiences and revenues whilst retaining the essential nature, values, and visitor experience of the Convent.

The Living Heritage Project will make the Convent much more accessible and welcoming for 21st century visitors and users, in harmony with the building’s distinctive and much-loved historic interiors.

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Heritage Project?

Every donation is vital and makes a real contribution to the fulfilment of this important project.

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