Visitors to the Living Heritage Centre could be convinced by the beauty and professionalism of the environment that no further help is required… however, those close to the running of the centre know that the reality is quite different.

The Convent was established in 1686 and has progressed ever since on a partnership model - people with vision and faith, partnering with supporters who are willing to spare a little of their time or resources to help. Together, they have built the centre into what it is today. Only if we continue on the same basis can we guarantee its future.

If you identify with our work and want to be part of it, there are many important ways you can help us - from Volunteering to making a Donation. If time and resources are in short supply, what we would appreciate most is if you became one of our Friends. The Friends of The Bar Convent are a group of supporters united by their affection for the Community, for the work of the centre and its staff. 

They help in many different ways, from attending and helping at events to fundraising, but they are more than that. They befriend visitors, encourage staff and are a comfort and support in all they do. It’s simple and affordable to join and there are no expectations on you whatsoever as a member. The majority show their support through their affordable annual subscription - it makes a huge difference to know that they are behind us.

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